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Apr 2009


 AN Plumbing and Heating are GAS SAFE

Gas Safe Register became the official stamp for gas safety in Great Britain and the Isle of Man on 1 April 2009.

CORGI gas registration is no longer valid or recognised by law in these regions. To work legally on your gas appliances and installations your engineer must be on the Gas Safe Register.

You can find us on the Gas Safe register here.

Oct 2007




CORGI Carbon Monoxide Report 

CORGI has released a report that pinpoints the areas and groups of people most vulnerable to the exposure of carbon monoxide (CO). The report shows that between January 2006 and April 2007, there were 102 carbon monoxide incidents claiming 50 lives and causing 218, often long-term, injuries.  Lack of centralised reporting plus undiagnosed cases passing through the healthcare system means the overall figures will be much higher. 

The Worst Hit Regions:
The Midlands, North East, Wales and Yorkshire are the worst effected regions in the UK, reporting the most incidents per head of population.

Vulnerable Groups:
The elderly and the young have been identified as vulnerable groups as they are more susceptible and tenants have also been highlighted due to the risks that tenants face in the hands of some lazy and ignorant private landlords.

Consumer Awareness:
The general public are also at risk from their startling lack of knowledge of the deadly danger of carbon monoxide.  For instance, CORGI¬ís consumer research reveals that 90% of the country has a smoke alarm but almost three quarters of the UK does not have a carbon monoxide alarm and alarmingly 3% of people do not even know what one is.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be caused by many factors such as blocked flues and chimneys, faulty appliances, installation faults, owner error and even weather conditions.  Counter measures recommended to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisonings include fitting a carbon monoxide alarm, using a CORGI registered member and servicing appliances annually

Download the CORGI Carbon Monoxide Report